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INNOVATION is the response to meet or improve upon the current need or crisis. Currently, in the beauty world, the problem stems from the negative environmental and societal impact of plastic usage as a common material for the packaging solution. Thus, coming up with the answer for this problem has been the main drive to find a sustainable solution in the cosmetic packaging industry.

Over recent years, PT.KEMAS have been searching continuously, researching and experimenting with various packaging materials that meet our criteria. A packaging material that is sustainable, recyclable, environmentally friendly in its procurement and manufacturing, and also works with current tooling for development.



Bio-based materials can be partly or entirely biobased, but a biobased plastic doesn’t mean the product is biodegradable or compostable.

Biodegradable plastic:
Can degrade by natural occurring microorganism (bacteria, fungi, algae) to yield water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or methane (CH4), biomass and inorganic compounds.A biodegradable material needs to specify in which biodegradation is expected to occur, define information about recycling or composting facility process requirements, and timeframe for biodegradation.

A plastic that is biodegradable in a composting environment, yielding H2O, CO2, biomass and inorganic compounds. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard speciations D6400-12:

Materials available in Kemas:

    • Sulapac®
    • Wood-PLA (made of plant-bases source) combination
    • LIMEX® (limestone)
    • PBS (modern bio-based and recyclable plastic)
    • Ecozen®



Made by items that have already been used, went through recycling process and became post-consumer recycled material.

Terms in recycled materials: PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) and is the raw material made from waste generated within the industry, PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) and is the raw material made from waste from the consumer/end user.

Please note that some of Kemas mold is compatible with up to 50% PCR mix and Metal cosmetic packaging parts are compatible with PIR metal.

Recycled materials that Kemas can apply in stock molds:

    • PP (usually for skincare and pencils, lighter and recyclable)
    • ABS (very strong, rigid & durable, usually for compact case and lipstick packaging)



Our stock mold packaging, in one type of recyclable resin only and packaging can go straightinto recycling bin.

Available Material in Kemas:

    • PET and PET Crystal One (the most common recyclable plastic)
    • PBS: Bio-based, Doesn’t require special processing facilities to decompose, Bio-degradable and compostable – even for home compostable, Superior heat resistance.
    • Ecozen: Bio-based, Recyclable, BPA Free, Non-toxic, Carbon neutral and FDA approved (No. 1075)

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